Swiss Post Box

Swiss Post Box

Your mobile digital letterbox

Swiss Post Box is the electronic counterpart to the physical letterbox. Swiss Post scans your letters and transmits them to you electronically. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

You wish to access your physical letter mail any time, from anywhere, and to manage it online. Important business documents should be archived in compliance with the law. Swiss Post Box connects the physical with the electronic medium.

  • Manage physical letter mail in the form of e-mails.
  • Letters sent to your correspondence address are available on the next business day
  • Safe and legally compliant archiving
  • Swiss Post guarantees discretion, security and quality

With Swiss Post Box, manage your physical letter mail as easily as your e-mails. You will save delivery costs and optimise document flow. Select the most convenient solution from three standard offers.

You can find a video and comprehensive information with precise details and prices at