Layout of letters

Correct layout for smooth processing

Automation in the processing of letters is an important precondition for an attractive price-performance ratio and for adhering to delivery times. Letters can only be processed by mechanized systems if their layout conforms to Swiss Post’s recommendations.

The layout and presentation of your letters will determine whether or not mechanical processing is possible. By complying with Swiss Post’s specifications you will save yourself unnecessary additional costs which will be a significant factor if you are sending large volumes of mail. This is because letters that fail to comply with layout guidelines cause additional processing.

  •  Layout
    Items with the correct layout arrive at the proper recipient on time.
  •  Addressing mail
    Correct address layout as an efficiency factor for your mailing.
  •  Special items
    Handling of special shapes, formats and enclosures.
  •  Packaging
    The right packaging protects the contents of your item on its way to the recipient.
  •  Print templates
    Practical print templates for the layout of your items.
  •  OK to print
    NPlay it safe with an “OK to print” from our specialists, free of charge.