Customer solutions and special logistics

Industry-specific solutions for efficient logistics

Would you like to optimize your logistics processes or even outsource all of your logistics operations? Swiss Post offers industry-specific, standardized and customized solutions.

Our standard services are not always sufficient to meet special requirements or needs. Efficient, streamlined logistics will become increasingly important for many industries and companies. Our customized solutions optimize the flow of goods, data and payments.

  •  Distance selling
    For distance selling, Swiss Post offers comprehensive packages as well as customized solutions.
  •  Commerce
    From customs clearance, incoming and outgoing goods and stock-picking to transportation and administration.
  •  Healthcare
    Specific solutions for manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals and practices.
  •  Public sector
    Optimizing logistics for the Confederation, cantons and institutions.
  •  Information technology, telecommunications
    Logistics solutions for the dispatch, exchange, repair and return of equipment.
  •  Further solutions
    Industry-related solutions for greater logistics efficiency.