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  •  Annual Report 2005 1 MB

    ... did not raise any objections to this move, as the monopoly for mail items up
    to 100 g will still enable us to finance a high-quality basic postal service. ...

  • Nationwide presence 30 KB - 05.04.2013

    ... Swiss Post safeguards the basic service Swiss Post provides basic postal
    and payment transaction services throughout Switzerland. ...

  •  Post and Politics: Swiss Post close to European «best in class ... 88 KB

    ... Transport, Energy and Communication (DETEC) to measure target attainment
    and has been published by the Postal Services Regulation Authority ...

  •  Focus on stamps 1 MB

    ... WeltpostvereinUnion postale universelle Unione postale universale Postal
    Union 100 c.Das Weltpostnetz: Alle überall erreichen Le réseau postal ...

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    Customer satisfaction 31 KB - 07.09.2012

    ... Postal agencies and home service under the microscope. The results
    of a survey on postal agencies ("Swiss Post at partners ...

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    History 32 KB - 14.03.2014

    ... urban areas. Postal services are therefore increasingly required in
    the workplace or on the way to and from work. What's ...

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    Basic informations 33 KB - 19.10.2010

    ... objectives. These state that: Swiss Post is responsible for maintaining postal
    links between Switzerland and the rest of the world. ...

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     Präsentationsvorlage Die Post 4 MB

    ... Postal operations: acceptance, collection, conveyance and delivery ... Over 2.9
    million customers use a postal account and the PostFinance Card ...

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    At the top for years 29 KB - 17.03.2003

    ... It can thus confidently state that it has been one of the fastest and most
    reliable postal organizations in Europe for years. ...

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     Swiss Post close to European best-in-class as regards parcel ... 73 KB

    ... then, the Letter Post Index has been used by the DETEC to measure target
    achievement and has been published by the Postal Services Regulation ...

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